There comes a time, as a business owner, that working from home or renting a space will no longer cut it.

Your company has grown large enough and you need to expand.  On the east coast of the country you might run into problems of where you can find land cheap enough to build a new commercial building.  In Billings (and a good majority of the west) however, there is no shortage of land nearby.  And with the area around the Shiloh corridor rapidly expanding, there will be plenty of activity for years to come.  If you find yourself being cramped and needing to expand your space, we here at Van Arsdale Construction would love to help meet your needs.

Building residential buildings is very different than building commercial buildings.  There are different codes to adhere to, for instance houses do not need built in, automatic, fire sprinkler systems.  Since a residence is a private place, the only person the owner is responsible is themselves.  Since a commercial building is a public place (or at least more open to the public), the owner is responsible for many more lives.  Yes, you are liable for the well-being of anyone who accesses your property, but the responsibilities are considerably less for a residence than a commercial site.  Therefore, someone with experience in commercial projects is who you want to go with.

Choosing a builder is actually a lot easier than many people think.  Some builders will try to tackle projects that they are not equipped to do; you do not want that builder.  Some will try to tackle projects they do not know how to do; you do not want that builder either.  Some will have the equipment and the knowledge, but they will lack the experience needed to do the job right.  While that builder is a better choice than the previous, you still do not want that builder.   If you want a quality job done, choose a company that has the equipment, the training, and the expertise to do so (we meet all these requirements).

So what exactly is a commercial project?  Basically anything that will be used to run a business.  This includes stores, offices, restaurants, warehouses, and many other types of construction.  If it is for a business, it is for commercial use.  If you are unsure of what qualifies, give us a call at 406-656-7520, we would love to talk to you about your upcoming project.

Do you have your own business, and you find yourself at a loss for space?  Or are you an entrepreneur that would like to get in on the commercial renting business and you want to have an office building constructed that you will rent to others?  If you have any sort of commercial work that needs to be done, and you want someone in Yellowstone County that will be able to do a great job the right way the first time, contact Van Arsdale Construction.  With over 30 years of experience, we can build your commercial project exactly as you want it.