Often when people buy a house, they buy according to how much house they need at the time.

That means if they have two children, they will often buy a house that has a master bedroom, and two more regular bedrooms.  However, families grow.  Instead of upgrading to a whole new house, adding another room is a great way to economically get more livable space.  In Billings most city lots are around 1/6 of an acre, so finding the space for room additions is not a problem.

At Van Arsdale Construction, we can help you with this project.  From the initial designs, to the labor, to the finished product, all you have to do is tell us what you want, and then we will get to work creating a customized room that will add value to your home, and space to your daily life.

Most often, when people look to add a room to their house, they think of adding a bedroom.  After all, it is not hard to have a lot of people in the living room.  It is that personal space that is desired.  However, room additions are not limited to bedrooms.  In fact, living rooms and bathrooms are just as popular of choices.  While most people do not add on a kitchen, there are many times when a kitchen is expanded to allow a better traffic flow through the area.  The nice thing about a room addition is that when you go to sell your house, you will be able to recoup a good portion of what you put into the project.

Before you get started on the addition, there are several things that you need to take into consideration.  Primarily, how much more room do you want?  Are you looking to expand outward, or upward?  Will this be a completely new room, or an expansion to an existing room?  The size of the addition will be the largest part of your expansion budget.  The rest will be determined by what stylistic elements you want to add.  For instance, do you desire hardwood floors, carpet, or tile?  Do you need architectural trim work, or is a basic pattern more to your taste?  A bedroom will be relatively easy to add on, since there is usually no need to run extra plumbing.  But bathrooms and kitchens have much more that goes into them, including the need to waterproof nearly everything.  We can help you work through all these questions and considerations, even addressing some points that you were not even aware would be issues.

Adding a room to your house is like building a mini house.  You need to have someone that knows what they are doing, so that no steps are skipped or missed.  We have done many room additions and expansions over the years.  We have the proper tools, the proper training, and most importantly the experience to guide you through the process from start to finish.  If your family is growing, give us a call at 406-656-7520 and see how your house can grow along with your family.