Every house needs siding.

Houses are made primarily out of wood.  They are set on a concrete platform, or foundation, and the entire structure is supported by wood.  If left as just wood they would quickly succumb to the elements.  Here in Billings we have blazing hot summers, and often below freezing temperatures in the winter.  Snow, rain, and all the other elements mixed in would quickly warp, rot, and destroy the wood causing the house to collapse.  So, in order to protect the structure and make it last as long as possible, some sort of siding is used.

There are a number of different types of siding that can be used.   A person can opt for the traditional wood sizing, something that then has to be treated and painted to withstand the weather.  Or go with some of the more modern advancements in the siding industry.  Fiberboard has gained popularity due to its low cost and ease of use.  Cement board, also called Hardie Board, is a little more difficult to work with and a little more expensive, but it is a lot more durable.  Some houses have a stucco finish, others are encased in a vinyl or steel siding.  All these different styles are ways to make the house not only look better, but also serve to protect the wooden frame and support beams from rotting.  As you drive around town, especially the older neighborhoods near downtown and the southside, you will see a lot of homes with asbestos siding.  As you have probably heard, asbestos is a caustic substance.  As long as you are not inhaling it, it is relatively inert.  But if you have asbestos siding, you might want to look into replacing, or encasing, it.

You may think that the siding on your house is fine the way it is and there is no reason to invest in new siding.  However, siding goes far beyond looks.  True, a nice siding job will make the house stand out and give it a better curb appeal.  But it will also increase the value of the home, prevent weather damage, help to insulate the house from the cold winters, and as long as the siding is installed correctly, you will know that your home is going to last for many years.

So you want to get out there and redo the siding on your house.  For most people, it is not that simple.  Special equipment is needed for a good majority of siding applications.  At least some experience is needed to know how to put it up.  Quite a few people will try to do it themselves, only to get stuck part way through the job and end up hiring someone to finish.  Instead of tackling the job alone, let us here at Van Arsdale Construction tackle it for you.  We know siding, and we can make sure the job is done right the first time.

Every house needs something on the sides.  Whether you are building new, or looking to replace old and worn out siding, give us a call at 406-656-7520 or send us an email through our contact page.  We have the experience and tools to get your siding done right, and we can make your house stand out among the rest.