For those who are looking to build a new house, building, garage, or anything like that you will need to find a company that knows construction.

Unfortunately there are too many contractors in Yellowstone County that seem to have the motto: “Oh yeah, we do that.”  When in reality they have no experience in the project that you want completed.  These contractors end up fumbling their way through a project, and much of the time they do not even know where to start.  When you are thinking about a project, you need a company that not only has the knowledge, but also has the experience.  Here at Van Arsdale Construction, we have plenty of both.

The construction process begins with an idea.  That idea manifests itself in the form of sketches, and the design takes on many twists and turns until it is finalized in the form of blueprints.  The blueprints are the builder’s roadmap, showing exactly what needs to be done each step of the building process.  But just raising up a structure is not enough.  We will see you through the finishing process and make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

Before the building process even starts, a good construction company will show you what you are getting.  They will walk you through the design, building, and finishing phases, and you will see sketches and know what you are getting into.  You would never purchase a car after just seeing engine schematics, so why purchase a house after just seeing blueprints?  We will make sure you are completely happy with the design before moving on.

While some companies will try to rush through the job so they make more per hour, we know that quality is important.  Quick results mean nothing if the project is done poorly.  Here in Billings, the weather changes rapidly and often.  These fluctuations can cause damage to a building that is constructed poorly.  Taking the time to do a quality job now will prevent many headaches later.

The house is truly made, that is pulled together, when the siding and the roof are added.  The quality of the materials really shines through at this point, as a superb house is only as appealing as the products that finish it.  Most people will never see the framing, wiring, and insulation, but everyone driving by will see the exterior features.  We believe in making an impression, and we make our work stand out.

Construction may seem like an easy task.  But there is a lot of time and effort that goes into the process.  Experience means a lot more than many people realize.  It means the difference between making mistakes and getting it right the first time.  While a small mistake that needs corrected only costs some extra time, a big one that is not caught can cost a lot years down the road.  If you are looking to build soon, choose Van Arsdale Construction.  We have the knowledge and the experience to get the job done right the first time.  Call us today at 406-656-7520 to get the process started.