What would a house be without windows?

Even a prison has windows.  A dungeon usually has at least one small window to let in light.  Perhaps the house could be nothing more than a warehouse?  The windows make the house.  They provide light that lets us see clearly and also helps heat the house on cooler days.  The windows will also afford us beautiful views of the mountains, especially those who live on the West End of Billings.  But as houses age, the windows can turn from a convenience to an energy liability.  Old windows are a huge source of energy loss.

Older windows often came with just a single pane of glass.  As technology progressed, people started adding storm windows, a second removable pane of glass that could be put up in the winter to provide better insulation.  However, glass is a terrible insulator.  As window technology has improved even further, more panes of glass were added.  Windows started coming with two pieces of glass, the area between them completely sealed off and often filled with a gas that is much better at insulating than air.  Windows, in short, have become much more energy efficient.  In the cold of a Billings winter, those who have older windows will be losing a lot of heat.  Those that live in areas out past Shiloh Road do not have as many trees in their yards to provide shade in the summer.  If your windows are old, you should look into upgrading them in order to significantly reduce your energy costs.

Less energy expenditure is not the only thing that will help offset the cost of the new windows.  The government’s Energy Star program has tax credits for those who do energy efficient upgrades.  While there are many things on the list, windows and doors are some of the easiest ways to earn one of these credits.  If your home needs new windows anyways, you might as well capitalize on this offer from the government.  You can learn more on the Tax Credit page of

As windows age, they are not only less efficient for keeping the heat inside your home, they also deteriorate.  The casings start to fall apart as water and weather have their way, and the glass begins to sag and is not as clear as it used to be.  Upgrading from these old windows, to a newer, more efficient, stronger window will not only make your home feel better, it will also look better.

Is your house getting up there in years?  Do your rooms feel a lot colder near the windows than they do in the middle of the room?  Chances are you are losing a lot of energy through your windows, probably a lot more than you realize.  Instead of wasting more money on your heating bill, give us a call here at Van Arsdale Construction in order to see what we can do to help your home become much more energy efficient, and have better curb appeal.  Our number is 406-656-7520, or you can send us an email through our contact page.