Residential Building

We know residential building.

Back in 2006 the housing market across the country slumped.  Many places saw a huge decrease in value and new home building dropped off significantly.  Fortunately for those of us here in Yellowstone County, we managed to stay relatively level.  While the market was not growing, it certainly was not plummeting.  Fewer new homes were being built, but the huge drop in property values that many places around the country saw did not hit us in Billings.  Since that time the economy has picked back up, and it is still a great time to get in touch with us at Van Arsdale Construction to start building your new home.

Some people prefer to purchase an older home.  They say they love the character that comes with something built years ago.  And for those people, the market is rich with older homes.  But most people will be better suited in a new home.  There are many reasons why new home construction is more appealing.

  • Customization:  Designing your home from scratch is important.  You get just what you want and you do not have to “make do” with a design you do not love.

  • Energy Efficiency:  New building practices make it so that today’s homes are better suited to the environment.  Better insulation, and top of the line Energy Star appliances can significantly reduce your energy bills.

  • Fewer Repairs:  Just like any product, homes wear out.  An older home will need a lot of updates, repairs, and maintenance.  A new home will eventually need these things, but the first few years should be worry free.

  • Safety:  It was not that long ago that asbestos was used in a lot of the construction aspects.  There have been strides made in making homes safer; a new home will give you all those safety features.

That is not to say that an older house does not have its benefits.  Many people find doing repairs and odd jobs around the house to be relaxing.  Buying an older home will allow you to do such.  And buying an older home will often cost less than buying a newer home.  At least it will initially.  After figuring in the cost of the purchase, insurance (older homes are more expensive to insure), repairs, upgrades, remodels, etc. the cost actually swings in the favor of a new house.

New home building is not a task to be taken lightly though.  You would be hard pressed to find someone that wanted to build a house themselves, alone, from the ground up.  Instead, even those that are handy will want to hire someone with some expertise to help guide them through the construction process.  Did you know that Van Arsdale Construction has over 30 years of experience?  That equates to a lot of homes built.  During those 30+ years we have learned a lot about building new homes, and stayed up to date with the latest tips and techniques.  So contact us today, and see what we can do to help you get into your dream home.