Unless you are in an area with a high water table, such as the area between Billings and Laurel, your home most likely has a basement.

This is because the foundation has to go down a specific distance below the frost line.  With the cold winters we see, you have to dig down pretty deep.  And if you are digging that deep you might as well put in a basement.  In order to save costs on construction, a lot of houses will come with an unfinished basement.  After several years of living with an unfinished basement, many people want to finish them off and add livable space to their homes.

There are two ways that you can go about finishing your basement. You can take the time, learn the code, and do all of the work yourself. Part way through the project you will most likely see that a basement finish takes a lot longer to do than you expected. If you have an older house, complications will arise and a lot of the work will end up being hired out. Instead of going through that trouble on your own, call us here at Van Arsdale Construction before you get started. We know basements, and can help with the whole process from design to finish.

There are many considerations that go into finishing or refinishing your bottom level. Through the floor joists existing plumbing and electrical wires are strung and need to be dealt with. Some walls are load bearing, there may be posts and beams that cannot be damaged or moved in any way. While Yellowstone County does not have a huge problem with mold, it can be an issue in basements, so the proper materials need to be used. To the everyday do-it-yourselfer these are all hang-ups that can end up having the project go much longer than expected, often ending up being left incomplete. Instead of running into that problem, let us do the work from the start so it will be done in a timely manner with no steps missed.

Van Arsdale Construction has been in the building industry for over 30 years. That means throughout the years we have built and finished off a lot of basements and done numerous basement remodels. We know what to look out for, and how to deal with common problems in the older homes in the Billings area. We can take an unfinished, or partially finished, basement and turn it into livable space. In fact, many basements become our clients’ favorite rooms in the house.

Whether you are finishing or refinishing your basement; whether in Lockwood or the West End; we know basements. There are certain things we have come accustomed to paying attention to and will make sure your basement is finished properly. If you want to make your livable space bigger and turn your house into more of a home, contact us today. You can contact us through the site, or call the office at 406-656-7520.