Billings has relatively mild winters.  And summer evenings are almost always pleasant.

In the spring and fall, all that is needed is a sweatshirt or a light jacket.  With as many good days as we have around here that can be spent outside, it is surprising that many of the homes do not utilize the outdoor space the way that they could.  Instead of being cooped up inside all summer, consider adding a deck to your home.  You can sit out there basking in the sunlight and enjoying the cool breeze of summer.

Decks will add living space to your home.  While they technically do not count as square footage that can be advertised when it comes time to sell, they are living space.  Adding a room will obviously raise the value of the house quite a bit more, however, decks require much less planning, are built in a matter of days, not weeks, and the cost is significantly less.  A well constructed deck can serve as a great outdoor room, a place to host guests or enjoy some peace and quiet.  If done properly, it can actually have just about all of the amenities that a room has.

What type of deck you choose to add on to your home depends greatly on your style and your budget.  The structure can be as simple as a concrete patio or a regular porch leading to the front door.  Or it can be a large, split level design with intricate board work.  The deck can be tiered, raised, tiled, or covered.  There are so many options it is impossible to discuss them all, and the real planning will come down to how much space you have available to use, and how much deck your budget will allow.

While many decks are built simply of wood, those are not your only options.  True, pressure treated wood will often make up the underlying support structure, but the visible portion of the deck can be anything from the popular choice of redwood, to an exquisite exotic.  Many people choose to incorporate different types of wood into their project.  And many other people are going with a fairly new material that is gaining popularity.  Composite decking is much more durable than wood.  It does not need treated, painted, or stained.  In fact, it will not even fade under direct sunlight.  In order to care for a composite deck simply pressure wash it once a year and it will return to its original luster.  There are some other forms of decking that are available, but the vast majority of people will be best served by a wood or a composite.  What material you choose will depend ultimately on your budget and taste.

Whether you have a deck that needs replaced, need an old deck torn out and a new, larger one put in its place, or need something built from scratch, give us a call.  Over the more than 30 years Van Arsdale Construction has been in the business we have built a lot of decks.  We understand what it takes to make a lasting structure.  So if you want to transform your backyard to enjoy the beautiful evenings Yellowstone County has, or if you want to spice up your front yard from bland and boring to a retreat to watch the sun set over the Beartooths, give us a call at 406-656-7520 or email us through our contact page, and let’s get the process started today.