One of the most used rooms in the house is the bathroom.

It gets traffic from nearly every member living there, and because of such it needs to be one of the most durable areas.  New construction will be able to build a fantastic bathroom that has the latest technology to prevent mold and deterioration.  However, many of the houses in Billings, especially around downtown and the south side, are older and have a lot of trouble with their bathrooms.  They need upgrades, updates, and overall renovations.  We know what it takes to renovate a bathroom.

The biggest issue when it comes to remodeling is that most bathrooms are small; especially bathrooms in older homes.  During the remodel it is important to make the room look a lot larger than it really is.  There are many ways to do so including using space saving appliances (think smaller toilets).  Strategically placing mirrors, or using one large mirror will make it appear to be twice as big as it really is.  Instead of installing a bath tub, a shower takes up less room and is often more open.  Windows to let in natural light, and using light colored paints and flooring will give you less of the cave look and more of an open feel.

Style is one thing, but making sure the bathroom will last is another.  With showers, toilets, and sinks, there is a lot of water that goes through a bathroom.  Much of it will turn into steam, and that steam later condenses on the walls.  Living in a dry climate like Billings we do not have to worry too much about it, as long as the room is properly ventilated.  But it is still imperative that the water stay on the surface and not find its way into behind the walls and into the floors.  If you do not know specifically how to waterproof a bathroom, it can be quite the chore.  Not only is it a chore, doing it wrong will cause you to have to remodel the bathroom again in just a couple of years.

Besides making sure everything is watertight, there is a lot of plumbing that needs to be done with a remodel.  While many people think that they can tackle the project, it is not something an amateur should try.  All the pipes need to be tight with no leaks, and once they are sealed behind a wall it is rather difficult to get back there and patch them.  Along those lines, electrical work needs to be done in most remodels.  When wires are run through a room that is wet quite a bit, it is best to leave that job to a professional.

Fortunately, here at Van Arsdale Construction, we know how to do bathrooms.  We have done numerous bathroom designs, remodels, and new construction over the years.  We can work with you to help you build the bathroom of your dreams.  One that will not leak, is built to code, and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.  So if a new bathroom is in your future, call us today at 406-656-7520 to let us help you get started on the process.