Are you a restaurant owner looking to move to a new building?

Are you looking to open a new restaurant in Billings?  Are you an entrepreneur that knows how to capitalize on the boom taking place on the West End right now?  If you have experience in the restaurant industry, you know how hard it is to find an existing building with the right layout and setup.  You know that it is nearly impossible to get everything you need, even in a building that formerly housed a different restaurant.  Here at Van Arsdale Construction we know what it takes to complete new restaurant builds.  And we want to help you with your project.

New restaurant builds are a tricky subject.  You have to follow all the coding of a commercial building, yet you need the safety aspects peculiar to a restaurant.  For such reasons, not just any builder can construct an eatery.  It takes years of experience to know the process, and not just any construction experience.  A residential builder will not know the first thing about the safety that goes into restaurants.  A commercial builder will not understand the health code necessary for a restaurant building.  Hiring the right company can help you obtain the peace of mind that your project will be done according to code, leaving you open to focus on the logistics of opening the restaurant.  Let us do the heavy lifting, it is what we are good at; you find chefs, prepare menus, and develop the atmosphere; that is what you are good at.

The process to build a restaurant starts out just like all other projects.  You come to us with a design idea and we work with you to get everything sketched out, mapped out, laid out, and designed just right.  We will help you to get the most building for your money.   Your new building will be stylistically appealing in order to draw in a crowd; it will also meet the fire codes, safety codes, and health codes keeping away those state workers that could otherwise shut you down.  After the design is all in order, we will work hard to make sure your new restaurant building is functional on the day you want to move it.  Timing is important in the industry, we will make sure to complete the project on time and on budget so you can start making money as soon as possible.

You have enough to worry about when opening a restaurant.  There are people to hire, menus to plan, marketing, and a whole host of other jobs that you need to get done.  The last thing you want to worry about is the details of the building.  So instead, let Van Arsdale Construction help you to design the structure, worry about the safety codes, and do the building work.  You can relax and be confident that we will finish on-time so you can have a spectacular grand opening.  Call us today at 406-656-7520 to get the process started.