Barns have long been a part of the Montana culture.

Driving through rural parts of the state you see them next to every ranch house as a place to house livestock and store equipment.  Getting in closer to Billings, you continue to see them.  Closer to town they are still used as storage areas, but there is a growing trend to have living quarters attached.  While there are many different types of barns out there, there is one that is built more often than others.

The pole barn is one of the most popular choices because it is not only economical, but also quick to construct.  The walls are built by setting poles into concrete bases.  The roof is supported with poles attached to the walls.  Often the floor is left as dirt, or covered with gravel, and some people do not even bother to put siding on their pole barns.  This type of structure is built to perform its function, and it is built to last.  While the biggest advantage of this type of barn is its simplicity, it is also the biggest disadvantage.  They are utilitarian and as such they will often lack charm.

There are many different styles of barns that a person can have built.  The deciding factor in what it will look like is what function it will perform.  Most barns are needed to store equipment, animals, or produce.  For those that are working barns, meaning they are simply utilitarian, a no-frills pole barn will work just fine.  For those that are to be tied in with the overall architecture of the other buildings on the property, then a little more planning needs to go into them to give them that curb appeal.

The best way to add curb appeal is to pick the right siding and roofing material.  The quickest way to side and roof a barn is to slap up some metal siding and a metal roof.  This will get the job done, but it will look like a warehouse.  Just like the options for a house there are a number of siding options available; from vinyl to fiber cement siding (often referred to as Hardie Board).  The same goes for the roof as well; metal and asphalt are both durable products that will last for years.  And when you have a barn built, the primary goal is to make it last for many years to come.

A barn is a great way to store tractors, equipment, toys, cars, and a multitude of other items that you may need extra space for.  They are a great place to get out of the rain, yet continue your projects.  While their original purpose was on the farms and ranches, they are no longer just used by farmers and ranchers.  Driving through the West End of Billings, you can see a number of barns that serve their purpose that are on private lots.   Contact us here at Van Arsdale Construction, and we can tell you just how we can help with your storage needs.