There are many people who would love to commission us here at Van Arsdale Construction to build them a new home.

Unfortunately, for a lot of those people it is prohibitively expensive to purchase the land and build the home they truly desire.  Instead of building something they do not really want, they buy an older home (or one in an area of town like the Heights or the South Side where you get more home for your money), one that is fully functional, and they make smaller modifications to make it their own.  Instead of hiring us to build a brand new house, they let us help them do a home remodel, to turn their older house into their dream home.

The problem with houses is that things wear out.  Just like any other product, the more use it gets, the more it shows the signs of breaking down.  But unlike many other items, you do not just go out and get a new house when yours starts to wear out.  Instead, you refinish, refurbish, and remodel.  Some projects are easy for an individual to do.  Putting a new coat of paint on the walls, swapping out cabinet hardware in the kitchen and changing the locks are all relatively easy.  However, other projects like remodeling a bathroom, a kitchen, or redoing flooring require a lot more work.  And more often than not, they require some skill that comes from experience, not a book.

Remodeling will not only get you a new room, look, and feel.  It will also get the room up to code.  For older houses, the safety and building codes were not quite as strict.  Updating the room will get it in top order.  But the benefits go on further than that.  Remodeling a room will increase the value of your home, so when it comes time to sell, you can often recoup a significant portion of the costs.  After remodeling the kitchen you can expect to recoup 70% – 80% of the cost (so if the remodel costs you $10,000 the value of the home will go up $7,000 – $8,000).  Bathrooms will often make back about 75% of the money you put into them.  Other rooms have varying returns on investment, you can read more about that on SmartMoney.  Keep in mind, these prices are the average nation-wide.  In Billings the returns should be similar, but may be a little different.

To go about getting started with the remodel all you need is to have a basic idea of what you want to change.  Then, contact us here at Van Arsdale Construction (you can email through the website, or call us at the office at 406-656-7520).  We can walk you through the process, help with the design ideas, point out where things need to be upgraded in order to meet modern building code, and best of all, we do the work for you.  That means you can concentrate on spending time with your family, work, or relaxing with the confidence that your house will soon be a home.